Nike Pro Combat

If you were watching college football last weekend, I’m sure you noticed a few teams rockin some snazzy new uniforms.  These were the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.  Again, Nike takes the athletic apparel game to a new level.  If I were the Adidas/Reebok Group, I’d probably just one myself because I know I have ZERO chance of ever catchin up to the Swoosh.  New Balance should keep doin their thing thou, for YAKWII‘s sake.  I f*cks with Newies.

What’s even cooler about the Nike Pro Combat series is that Nike is auctioning off the complete locker set for each of the ten schools on EBay.  Then they’re donating proceeds to the charities of the ten schools.  If I had some dough, I’d cop a set just to have cause I like collecting sh*t that I have no need for.  Then I’d walk around the crib with the helmet on.  That’s just how I get down.

Check after the jump for a pic of the Ohio State set.


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