Sup.  Well, unfortunately I’m feelin the same I was earlier, the blogging energy just isn’t there.  I’m not worried thou, we’ve gone thru this before here at YAKWII.  We’ll be back at it before you know it.  So in the meantime, we’ll give you some tits and a$$.  T&A always saves the day!

The beautiful model above goes by the name Livia.  She’s so dope that she doesn’t even need a flippin last name.  She’s reppin Eye Candy Modeling.  However, if she wants to go for the gold, she should come over and join the YAKWII squad! YAKWII gets it in!

Ms. Livia, you are more than welcome to fall thru the YAKWII spot!  And bring that pint glass with you!  (You’ll see what I’m talking about in a second.)


More pics after the jump.  However, if you’re at work, I wouldn’t click the link.  Semi-NSFW.  Also, your co-workers might think you’re a perv.  However, we don’t judge here at YAKWII.  Be who you are.


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