If you blog it, they will come…

HA!  Told you suckas I was nice!  Finally got model shortys comin thru the YAKWII spot!  As you can see, Ms. Willonn Bennett dropped thru the YAKWII spot and showed some love.  That’s what’s up!  I’m feelin myself right now!

However, this is the internets, so this could be some sick dude playing a trick on YAKWIIYAKWII doesn’t like tricks!  If this proves to be some kind of tomfoolery (as my homegirl Soteria frequently says), I’m gonna, I’m gonna… Hmmm?  I really don’t know what I’m gonna do.  Well, whatever type of retribution I figure out, it will be mean and evil!

But forget all that right now.  For the sake of my happiness, pride and the tears of joy I shed earlier, I’m gonna believe that this really was Ms. Willonn Bennett showing YAKWII some love!

YAKWII wins!

Check after the jump for a pic of Ms. Bennett and here for the original post.

via Atlanta Dymes


One Response to “If you blog it, they will come…”

  1. NOW, Im proud to say i come to this site. shits fishal

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