ContestaRockHair – NYC

ContestaRockHair – NYC opens on Monday, December 14th.

Grand Opening Party: Wednesday, December 16th starting @ 7pm.

535 Hudson Street & Charles Street, West Village, NYC

Come on over!

What’s goin on people.  The Jambox Scribe is back and he’s brought us some exclusive sh*t straight from NYC!  If you checked the video above, you’ll see that ContestaRockHair is about to open up shop in New York City and Jambox was able to get us the inside scoop.

You see…YAKWII f*ckin delivers!   We bring you sh*t that no one else provides.  Check after the jump for Jambox’s preview on the ContestaRockHair experience, as well as a little gibberish from myself.

Officially this place has not even opened in the Big Apple but it looks like a wild concept.  Each haircut is like a performance.  I felt the honor of getting the first cut in the new salon space from one the creators of this novel concept. It was the best haircutting experience of my life.  I felt like my hair was a work of art by the time I left the chair.  I highly recommend the experience.

Contesta began in Rome many years ago when a few young Italians who only wanted to cut hair came up with the idea of Contesta Rock Hair.  They have since expanded to Florence, Miami, Singapore and now New York.  Good sounds system, intriguing decor and character. For sure worth a look.  Enjoy…

Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to feel the CRH experience, Jambox asked me to give the YAKWII take on the situation.  Honestly, I don’t think I can.  I mean, after visiting their website, Facebook page, both of their MySpace (MySpace Miami) pages, Twitter feed and their You Tube channel, I can honestly say that I am definitely not cool, stylish or sexy enough to write about CRH, let alone even thinking about walking into one!

As you already know, YAKWII is a lot of GREAT things, but I do know my limits.  CRH pretty much draws that line in the sand for me!  Plus, my head is bald, so….yeah, not much to work with up there.  I asked Jambox if he thinks they would work with my beard, but he’s pretty sure they only do “head” hair, not “face” hair.  Hmm…. but maybe there’s hope for my freshly grown chest hair??

OK, I think it’s time for me to reel myself back in now…

Hopefully you’re still reading after my digression into chest hair grooming.  Based on what I’ve seen, I’m diggin the CRH concept.  It’s very edgy and sexy, but it also has a touch of off-beat glamour, which adds a hint of seduction.  YAKWII stays on that fashion sh*t, so I recognize this kinda sh*t.  I think that CRH is on it’s way to making a big splash in the Big Apple.  YAKWII wishes them the best of luck!

Check the pics below to get a taste of CRH for yourself.


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