Kerry Washington

So I’ve gotten some unsolicited feedback from a few of my friends lately on my choice of blog topics.  If you hear them tell it, you’d think this has become a porn blog!  Yes it is true, YAKWII has decided to profile more women who have made the adult decision to display their bodies in various states of undress.

Again, like I told my friends, where am I at fault here?  The people want to see skin, so I’m gonna show them skin!  However, since I am a caring and compassionate person, I will fall back on the skin show for this post, but don’t get used to it!

Kerry Washington is an absolutely stunning actress!  Stunning!  I don’t watch many movies, but I do make it a point to check for Ms. Washington’s flicks.  I think so highly of Ms. Washington that I’m gonna break from tradition here and instead of inviting her to the YAKWII spot, I’ll gladly pack up my sh*t and head to her crib!  Sh*t, I’ll shut down the whole blog if need be!  That’s my word!

More pics after the jump.

I had a “moment” when I saw this pic of Kerry and Halle.  What a brother would do to have this fantasy come true!


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