End of Two Thousand Slime

Honestly folks, I can’t wait till 2009 is over!  This past year was a rough one as some of you know from my b*tching and moaning that I tried to disguise as meaningful blog posts.  However, this year did bring about one GREAT thing:

The birth of YouAlreadyKnowWhoItIs.com!!

(Seriously, I should get an award or some sh*t.)

Blogging has been a lot of fun.  I started YAKWII in January, but I didn’t make it totally open to the public until Feb or March.  I’ve put up just over 300 posts and received over 58,500 visitors this year.  I know that’s not a lot of visitors for a blog, but seeing that I don’t stick to a particular topic (except for tits & ass) or really promote the thing, I’m proud of that number.

Probably the best thing about blogging is the love you get in return.  I got some model shorty love from Willonn Bennett, blog love from UrbanFrugalChic.com, loyal readership from Syn and Details and The Jambox Scribe came on board to help me further the YAKWII movement.  Respect the empire!

2010 is the time to get it in.  expect dopeness.




One Response to “End of Two Thousand Slime”

  1. 2010…let’s get it!

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