LeBron James in 20 years

2010 just rang in and we already back at it!

Has anyone seen the InventHelp.com commercials on tv lately?  Does anyone else think the dude in the commercials, Clarence McGhee, looks like an older Lebron James?  Seriously, that’s what Lebron James is going to look like in 20 years!

If you haven’t seen the commercials, check them on You Tube.

YAKWII stay on that nonsense!


2 Responses to “LeBron James in 20 years”

  1. Nard dawg Says:

    The best part is, you know that espn knows it… They are totally plugging that commercial during broadcasts of cavs games

  2. ugotthatright Says:

    finally someone else sees this!! the first time i saw this commercial i thot it was a joke against lebron or something. i just saw it a couple minutes ago and i had to see if someone else saw what i saw. its very obvious in my opinion

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