Captain Jack

“Even I wouldn’t bring a gun to the arena,”

After my main man Starbury, Stephen “Captain Jack” Jackson is my 2nd favorite NBA ball player.  This dude doesn’t give a sh*t and lives life exactly how he wants, both on and off the court!

The quote from Cap’n Jack above is regarding the situation Gilbert Arenas has gotten himself into by bringing guns to the Verizon Center in DC.  Need I remind you Cap’n Jack is the same dude who got in trouble for lickin off shots in the parking lot of a strip club in Indiana.

Captain Jack has had a few memorable moments in his NBA career.  While he was with Golden State, he was asked to relinquish his team captain title and left us with this memorable quote:

“Don’t try to dig into it, that’s just how I feel,” Jackson said. “I don’t want to be a role model. … Being captain was overrated to me, anyway. You don’t do anything but go out before the game and talk to the refs. I don’t want to do that, anyway.”

You tell’em Cap’n!  Cap’n Jack doesn’t f*ck around! And not only does Cap’n Jack talk the talk, dude walks the walk.

Remember the Brawl at Auburn Hills in 2004?  Do you remember who Ron Artest’s “I got you my dude!  I’ve been waitin for some sh*t like this to pop off in the league for years!” partner was in that whole melee?  Yep, Cap’n Jack!

I can’t believe that they really put Ron Ron & Cap’n Jack on the same team!  Geezzz, talk about a liability!

This video is the ESPN highlights of the brawl including when Jermaine O’Neal comes thru and K’s that fan with a sliding jab to the grill!

Seriously, I really wish I was a NBA ball player.  These dudes do whatever the f*ck they want, get in trouble, get out of trouble and still got money to blow in the end!  Another example of why “fairness” is purely a man-made concept.

Cap’n Jack, we salute you!

Here are some pics of  Cap’n Jack doin what Cap’n Jack does.


2 Responses to “Captain Jack”

  1. yeah, JACKPAC is dat nigga. He and Ron-Ron held they ground in The D!!! (greatest basketball fight ever)

  2. This website really has all of the information and facts I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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