Alonna James

Alonna James.  This shorty is so beautiful to me.

Don’t gotta say much here.  As always, the YAKWII spot is open.

photos via the internets

2 Responses to “Alonna James”

  1. Very nice! I’m coming back to this page for tips on who the hot women are!

    I’m a white guy and maybe it’s taboo for me to enjoy stuff like this, but I love it, and plus I think if I can pass word of these ladies on from YAKWII I’m doing some kind of good. There are so many hot brown women out there, but if I say to my fellow white guys that I like black women, they think I’m talking about Wheezy Jefferson and act like I’m off my rocker. A lot of white guys think Beyonce, Halle Berry and Vanessa Williams are the only hot black women there are, and I think that view needs fixin’. ALL flavors of women have something to offer!

    Off my soapbox. Thanks for the pics!

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    No problem Art. YAKWII is here to provide all that is good on this green earth. If you look at the categories along the right, click “shortys” and that will give you all the women we’ve featured here on YAKWII. Enjoy.

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