Lane Kiffin leaving UT

In the most un-shocking move of the year, Lane Kiffin ditches the University of Tennessee to head back to the University of Southern California.  People in the south are not happy with ol’Laney right now.

I mean, people really can’t be surprised that this guy is packing up his sh*t and leaving town?  Look at his track record!  The guy is rivaling Bobby Petrino in head coaching moves. I’ll tell you one thing, the folks at Mayflower Moving love this guy!

But honestly, I think most people are fine with loosing Lane as a coach.  He was kind of a loose cannon who didn’t give a sh*t about NCAA violations. And seeing what USC is going thru in regards to NCAA investigations, this is a match made in college football heaven.  What folks are really pissed about is losing his wife, Layla Kiffin.

(Infamous orange dress pic after the jump.)

She’s a good lookin shorty and obviously the best thing the entire state of Tennessee had going for itself (pictures don’t lie).  Sorry for your loss, Tennessee.  Life on Rocky Top must roll on….

Good Luck and God Speed to the entire state of Tennessee.


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