New Balance 576 “Pub Pack”

Ah man.  I want all three pairs of these so bad!  As I’ve done before here on YAKWII, I am again salivating over another pair of New Balances’.  These are the New Balance 576 “Pub Pack.”

I love the contrast of the rich leather exterior and funky liners.  The “Pub Pack” is inspired by the lovely institution that is the English pub.

I did a semester abroad in London and had the chance to experience the English pub first hand.  It was great!  We used to frequent the pub down the street from our flats, Leinster Arms.  Someone said it was a pilot’s bar, but I don’t remember any flippin pilots!  I think those English dudes were just running game so they could smash off some American college girls.

There was this beer named Caffrey’s that I could not get enough of when I was over there!  Unfortunately, it’s not sold in the States, so I’ll need to make another venture across the pool to get my fix.  Such a good beer!

pics via Nice Kicks and hypebeast


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  1. I appreciate these thoughts!

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