Tiara Harris from Tiara4ever.com

Tiara Harris.  Tiara (and her ridiculous body) is very well know thruout the internets.  She’s got her own site TiaraExclusive.com aka Tiara4ever.com and she’s been in the modeling game for a minute.  And as you can see, she’s holding it down!  To use a word from the 90’s…this girl is FINE!  Straight up.

Figured I’d hop on the bandwagon and drop a few pics of Tiara too.  They are NSFW, but remember this ain’t a smut site so we didn’t go overboard!  If you’re lookin for some wild, nasty and kinky sh*t, this ain’t the place!  You know where to go find that sh*t.  YAKWII keeps it classy.

(But I do got the connect on that wild, nasty and kinky sh*t, so holla at me!  YAKWII also makes sh*t happen!)

Updated: More Tiara Harris pics after the jump! (Still NSFW)

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19 Responses to “Tiara Harris from Tiara4ever.com”

  1. Thnks!!!!!!!!!

    Thats cool

  2. Yeah ! Right … U Worship Her Now …. Huh … ?

    Ha ! Ha !

  3. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    Huh?? Worship?? Am I missing something…

  4. Hmm ! Hmm !

  5. hello my queen

  6. u r all that baby

  7. She is perfection

  8. She is so HOT!!! I love you baby!!!

  9. You look great!


  11. So damn swxy

  12. Peter Machingura Says:

    Youare Great Tiara

  13. Tiara is definetely sexy!!!!

  14. Give me one Says:

    Tiara it’s very hard literally to put any words to her but I’ll try. Dam this girl just turned me stupid for real I can’t even begin to talk bout her in a good way. I’m about to cry just thinking about looking at her. It hurts looking at something so beyond words I just hope I turn smart again after the effects of her beauty wears off. Thanks tiara for turning me stupid. Lol

  15. You’re BEAUTIFUL!!

  16. you re sophisticated

  17. Give me one Says:

    I blew my cannon twice for tiara an took a 6 hour nap and was one or he whole day……….LOL

  18. The eyes are the gateway to one’s soul. lovely mind,body and soul.

  19. what do i have to have to get with you ??? no joke

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