2010 Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar

Ok, I think I just discovered the most genius business move of all time.  We’re all familiar with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Sports and swimsuits together makes sense.  However, what about airplanes and swimsuits?  This is why Kingfisher Airlines gets the “thinking out the box” gold medal!

A few months ago I stumbled upon some photos from the 2010 Kingfisher Swimsuit calendar.  Very high quality and very sexy.  It’s full of models that are incredibly gorgeous and also incredibly tall, which does not necessarily bode well for YAKWII since no one has ever said to me, “Hey, you’re incredibly tall.”  It’s whatever though, height is only a state of mind anyways.  I’m tall in my mind!  Hmm…looks like I’m managed to digress yet again.  Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program…

Since I’m such a caring person, I figured I’d share my good fortune with you all – no matter how fortunate you are when it comes to the height department.  Check the rest of the 2010 pics after the jump.  And if anyone from Kingfisher happens to come across this blog, you all are more than welcome to shoot the 2011 calendar at the YAKWII spot!  It’s definitely not as glamorous as the locations you normally visit, but it would make me happy.  (Not that you would care or anything.)

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