Shoutout to Providence

Buddy Cianci.  F*ckin Buddy!  This guy was and is still the man in Providence.  If you don’t know Buddy’s story, just Google the guy – it’s interesting!

The long and short of it is that he’s responsible for cleaning up the city of Providence, Rhode Island which was just grimey as hell before the mid-1990s.  Then he went to jail for taking bribes, which was totally ethical by RI political standards at the time, but someone got mad that they weren’t getting their cut and snitched.

He did a 4 1/2 year bid and now he’s back in Providence and has a cushy radio job.  Only in Providence and Washington, D.C. (see Marion Barry – “The b*tch set me up!”) can an elected official go to jail, get out and become even more popular than they were before?  He even said that he might run for a Senate. Now that Patrick Kennedy is retiring, he’s gotta good shot.  F*ckin Buddy!


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