No Diggity, No Doubt!

Ya’ll remember Blackstreet, right?  You also remember their front man Teddy Riley, right?  Well, say hello to Nia Riley, Teddy’s daughter.

All I have to say is… good work, Teddy!  Now you know why lil’ Penny suddenly started hittin you up after all these years and asking can he come thru the crib to kick it.  He ain’t comin thru to see you, that’s for sure!

Updated: New pic after the jump.

pics via purple city dream girls & Bossip


One Response to “No Diggity, No Doubt!”

  1. […] A protective Jamie Foxx was seen Friday night outside of Katsuya restaurant with his daughter, 15 year old Corinne. I love that she’s dressed in age appropriate clothing and not in Future Hoes Of America apparel. Kudos, Jamie! Let’s not get too excited though. She could still do a 180 and end up a “model” or video vixen. I see you Nia Riley! […]

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