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Tim Tebow does weddings too!

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Tim Tebow does everything!  Here’s a link to a better version of the video above, but I’ll explain what’s going on here.

Some guy though it would be a totally awesome idea to get Tim Tebow to help him propose to his girlfriend.  Hmmm…why on earth would you want another man to be apart of you asking your girlfriend to marry you??  I don’t quite understand the logic here.  Let me explain some of the possible consequences to this decision…

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Melrose Foxxx

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Ya’ll already know how Melrose Foxxx gets down.  Figure I’d put up a few pics for the people.  It was definitely a challenge to find pics where she was not “fully engaged,” so to speak.  Remember this isn’t a smut house!

More pics after the jump.  Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

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Bodyhammers by Robert Longo

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Bodyhammers by Robert Longo.  Peeped these photos over on Kanye West’s new blog.  Rawness.

More photos after the jump.

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Shoutout to Rod Strickland

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Shoutout to Rod Strickland.


Vanessa Veasley

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Vanessa Veasley.  Cute face and the body is crazy!  Ms. Vanessa Veasley is more than welcome to fall thru the YAKWII spot!

More pics after the jump.

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Subliminal marketing??

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Hmmm… does anyone else see what I see in this pic?  Check after the jump to see what I’m gettin at.

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Convicts on the run better stay off Facebook

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via Chicago Tribune

Convicted burglar escaped from a halfway house, then began blogging on Facebook, until he got caught hours later

Stupid criminals and Facebook just don’t go together.

If you don’t believe me, ask Joseph Luebke, a convicted burglar. That is, if you can reach him in state prison.

Luebke, 19, of the Chicago suburb of Romeoville, doesn’t yet have a bust in the Darwin Awards Hall of Fame, but by rights, he should have one bronzed.

On March 17, just months away from finishing a six-year prison term for burglary at a halfway house in south suburban Dixmoor, Luebke’s feet got itchy.

So he ran off, according to authorities. Then he Facebooked all about it.

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