Jacques Magazine + Michea Crawford

Until about 2 minutes ago, I had never heard of Jacques Magazine.  From my quick research, I read that it’s based out of Brooklyn.  (Hmmm…may have to get Jambox to do some investigating!)  Nor had I heard of the squash playing model featured in the video, Michea Crawford.  Wow….she is hot!  This video is to promote their Sports Issue coming out in May 2010.

People, this is marketing at its finest!  The hot girl + sports = $$$ formula never fails!  To top it off, the heavy breathing, short skirt and obvious lack of a bra on Michea just made it that much better.  Guarantee this will be Jacques Magazine’s best selling issue EVER!

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UPDATED: Michea Crawford pics after the jump.  NSFW

pics via: Jeff Harris, The Chooser, Guanabee, and the internets


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