Funniest text I’ve gotten in a long while!

My good friend Malus Darkblade was out on the town this weekend and suddenly his night came to an ABRUPT end.  He sent me the follow text:

“So this is my hint to leave…they just started playing Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio…”

What the f*ck?!?!?  LMMFAO!!!  That is the FUNNIEST SH*T I have heard in a LOOONG time!

First of all, I have to just say “Sorry” to my buddy because No One, Absolutely No One, should have to ever experience something like this!  Who/what the  f*ck kinda DJ plays Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio?  It’s 2010!  This song was made in 1995 and no one played this song beyond 1995!  No DJ should even have this track with them when they’re at the club!  Jesus H. Christ!

My only theory for why this f*ckery occurred is that the DJ was either really tired or really sick and wanted to go home.  So what’s a surefire way to clear out the club??  Throw on Gangster’s Paradise by Coolio!!  Wow!  Just wow!  I have nothing more to say…..

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