Subliminal marketing??

Hmmm… does anyone else see what I see in this pic?  Check after the jump to see what I’m gettin at.

Is it me or is the Sheraton logo positioned just like it’s a bamboo earring?  And they just happened to use a black female model in the photo too.  Hmmm?  Granted this could be pure coincidence, but I know those marketing & advertising types (cause I am one).

Sometimes they do sh*t that the general public won’t catch, but people like me see the sh*t as broad as day.  Of course this one wouldn’t get past me, I did a post on my fascination with chicks who rock bamboo earrings back in Feb ’09.

YAKWII is on to you…whoever did this ad!!!

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3 Responses to “Subliminal marketing??”

  1. ….what are we talkin bout? All i see is Megan good 🙂

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    Look at how the Sheraton logo is positioned near the ear of the model in the photo. Then look at the Megan Good pic. See how the Sheraton logo resembles Megan’s bamboo earrings in shape and design? And see how they just happened to put the opening at the top of the logo right where an earring would hang from on the model’s ear? Looks like the logo is hanging from her ear, similar to Megan’s bamboo earrings. 😉

  3. haha i saw it, gotta admit that is clever.

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