Three Times Dope

Attractive women make dudes react in all kinds of weird ways.  Case and point – this picture.  Let me breakdown what each dude is thinking while this moment is happening in real time.

Dude on left: “Oh my GOD!  This really hot girl is actually touching me!  Oh my GOD, Oh my GOD!  Am I… Am I’m going to have sex tonight?!?!”

Dude on right: “Yeah, I got this.  I’m gettin buns tonight – easy.  Just wish these two lames would get the hell outta here.  Damn, she got some nice a$$ titties.  I’m ready to blow her back OUT!”

Dude on floor: “F*ck it.  I already know I’m not f*cking anything tonight.  Might as well get a good image to wank it to later on.  Bingo…CAMEL TOE!!!”

This is why I love the internet!  Photos like this are priceless.


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