I ain’t gotta blog, I’ma do numbers

To quote the late homie B.I.G. again, “It was all a dream…

Well, actually I didn’t dream sh*t, I just started this blog as something to do while I was laid off.  However, here we are a year and a few months later and we’ve got over 100,000 blog hits!  I’m feelin myself right now.

We’ve had our up and our downs, but over all it been all good.  Most important thing is that we did it the YAKWII way!  That really doesn’t mean anything, but that’s the whole point!  We gets it in how we wants to get it in!  No explanation necessary!

Aiight…enough ramblin.  YouAlreadyKnowWhoItIs.com.  100K strong.  wackest blog on the internets.  only blog to hit 100k, that will probably never hit 200k.  but we still sucka free.  one hundred.

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2 Responses to “I ain’t gotta blog, I’ma do numbers”

  1. congratz. i just found out bout dis site like 2 months ago…got it on tha favorites bar now 🙂

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    Word! That’s what YAKWII likes to hear! The YAKWII movement is still going strong!

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