Melyssa Ford: The Legend

Melyssa Ford.  The Legend.  Not much that I have to say that hasn’t already been said before.  She set the standard for the urban model.  People keep talking about she’s now much slimmer than compared a to few years back, but you know what??  Ms. Ford is still ALL GOOD with YAKWII!!

Unlike some (notice I said some, many are very attractive) urban models, she’s actually extremely attractive.  Sh*t, she’s straight up FINE!  Nowadays it seems like if a shorty’s gotta fatty, they put her in a magazine.  Nah, let’s make sure the rest of her matches the dopeness of the fatty!  This is one thing Ms. Melyssa Ford will always gave going for herself.  God Bless Her!

Collection of photos after the jump.

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2 Responses to “Melyssa Ford: The Legend”

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  2. Yo,

    She most definitely is a legend. And I’m glad that YAKWII noted that she is fine all across the board. Many times, magazines will plant a photo of some woman on their front covers just because she is buxom or has a fat posterior. I prefer the balance.


    P.S. Ms. Ford looks especially fine in that black dress. What I would give to have been her date at that evening gala.

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