Khrysti Hill Show Magazine Photos

Khrysti Hill is such a GOOD LOOK! Damn!

I just did mad push-ups and sh*t.  I got all motivated like I’m really bout to holla at shorty… right now…thru the computer.  I’m wildin.

But on the real, Ms. Khrysti Hill is the type of shorty that when you’re out on a date with her and you walk into the spot, other dudes out on dates stop paying attention to their chicks and start lookin at your chick.  That’s when you can walk around the spot with a cocky-ass screw face on and start grillin suckas cause YOU got the baddest shorty in there!  Good feelin.

But you better make sure your game is tight cause the minute your cocky-ass goes to the bathroom, like 6 ol’rusty-ass dudes will converge on your shorty with the quickness tryin to spit that nonsense in her ear!  Real talk.

More pics under the hood….

via Indo’s Place

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