This is what’s hot in the streets of LA?

For those who don’t recognize the guy above, it’s Kobe Bryant.  So this is what multi-millionare pro athletes do in their free time?  This is what’s hot in the streets right now?

Well, thank God that A-Rod would never do anything like this!  Oh wait…he did…and his photos were much worse!

OK, well at least we still got Derek Jeter!  He’s too busy knockin down models and celebs to take part in this kind of foolishness.

If you’re really curious, more pics of Kobe after the jump.

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Follow YAKWII @UAlreadyKnowWho

4 Responses to “This is what’s hot in the streets of LA?”

  1. soteria Says:

    That’s how we do on the westside…

    We that nice….

    He’s reppin multi-culturalism…Don’t hate!!

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    Multiculturalism?? The United Nations is multiculturalism. This is something totally different, something that will NOT be discussed on this blog!

  3. sincere Says:

    epic FAIL

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