Shoutout to Syn Lane and rest of Baltimore

Syn Lane has been fallin thru the YAKWII spot for a minute now, damn near since we started this show.  So to show appreciation – he gets his own post.  That’s what we do over here, we take care of our peoples.  We got some other peoples who’ve been showin love to YAKWII, but Syn was one of the first to get down with the YAKWII movement.  Big shout out to Syn!  Much respect and peace.

Big shout out to Baltimore too.  I had peoples out there for a few years, so I been thru there about 4 or 5 times.  No disrespect to Syn or any other B’more people, but B’more is the most grimey, most gutta place I’ve ever been in my life!!

From what I saw, like 85% of the city is hood.  It’s the only city where the highway (Interstate 83) is built so you can get on and off directly in downtown without having to drive thru the hood.  However, I did realize that the people who live in Baltimore love themselves some Baltimore!  This one dude said he hadn’t been to D.C. in like 10 years – and D.C. is only an hour away!  That’s peace.

Few things about my B’more trips that stand out in my memory….

1. When I first got out there and saw people pointing down at the ground mad quickly I was like “What the f*ck are they doin?”  My peoples told me that’s hacking.  That how people without cars get around in the hood.  You saw people on every block doin this.  Sh*t was bananas.

2. In the city, like EVERY chick was tatted up!  Seriously!  Arms, neck, forearm, legs…everything!  From the rats to the hood superstar shortys, every last one had some kinda ink.  I think I saw maybe 3 who did not have tatts.

3. Seen these two young dudes who had the block pumpin at like 8 am.  We were somewhere off Harford Rd/Ave.  People who were obviously from the suburbs rolling up to “ask for directions” and then speed off.  Dudes were gettin it in.  And for those of you who believe everything your favorite rapper says….there were no rap dudes on the block that morning.

4. We were riding around one summer morning, like 11 am and we came up to a stop light.  Directly across from us were like 30 dudes just chillin on the block doin nothin.  The part that was funny is that it was like 28 black dudes, 1 white dude and someone’s 5 year old kid.  They start’em off young in B’more!

5.  One night I’m chillin watchin TV and I look out the window and the B’more Police helicopter is circling the block!  We stopped watching TV cause there was more action right outside!  It was definitely following someone cause it was going from street to street with the spotlight.  It kept gettin closer and closer to where we were staying and I starting thinking, “Damn, are we about to get bagged??”  Sh*t was wild!

Again, big shout to Syn Lane and B’more.  one.

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2 Responses to “Shoutout to Syn Lane and rest of Baltimore”

  1. Syn Lane Says:

    For this, I am truly honored! me an you, as we say in this crabs in a bearl city, we 1 hunnit (correctly pronounced hundred)

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    No doubt.

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