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Certified G-move!

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This sh*t is F*CKIN HILARIOUS!!!  Certified G-move right here!

Who puts up a mural of themselves with the headline, “The Blueprint for Greatness?”  A millionaire rapper and a billionaire business mogul who are trying to land the world’s more coveted basketball free agent – that’s who!  And they did it across the street from Madison Square Garden, the home of one of the other teams tryin to nab Bron Bron for their squad.  I love this sh*t.  Only in America!

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Pour it up.

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Sup.  Ya’ll sippin on that lean?  Ya’ll got that purple?  That barre?  Well someone put onto this cause they did a little Outside the Lines story on it recently.  The story was kinda weak compared to their usual reporting, but my guess this is just phase 1 of a bigger story.  Kinda interested to see how this develops.  But till then – pour it up!

p.s.  I know I’ve been slackin on the bloggin lately.  I’ll let ya’ll know the deal real soon.  one.

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Straight Cash, Homie!

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Best interview EVER!

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Have you ever rode with the 4 horsemen?

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Have you ever rode with the 4 horsemen?  Well, your homie YAKWII did and them dudes stomped my ass out!

If you want to put an end to your night quickly, ask your favorite bartender for a 4 horsemen shot(s)!  This sh*t will tighten yo ass up quick!

Or in YAKWII’s case, this sh*t will have you buying bootleg dvds out of a dude’s backpack outside the bar at 3 am for a chick in an attempt to get some buns!  True story.

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Michael Jackson – Speed Demon

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Michael Jackson – Speed Demon

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You Are Invited.

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“What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you’ve got little save pitiful, portable picnic players? Come with uncle and hear all proper!  Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones! You Are Invited!” – Alex, A Clockwork Orange

I don’t watch many movies, but of those I’ve seen, A Clockwork Orange is near the top of my list!  Such a sick and twisted flick.  The quote above from Alex is one of my favorites.  The great part about that quote is immediately after he takes both chicks back to the crib and gets it in!  Pullin chicks from the record shop.  Easy.

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Step your game up!

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