Question for the fellas…

What’s good, fellas.  YAKWII got a question for you, but first let me set up the scenario.

Ok, so there’s this chick you’ve been trying to bag for a MINUTE now.

She’s definitely a looker, but there’s something extra about her that just drives you insane!

Whether it’s the perfume she wears, the way she walks in her heels or the cute way she farts when she sneezes (whatever does it for you).

Regardless, of what it is, you know the ONLY way to get yourself right is to splash the guts, lay some pipe, do the horizontal polka or to put it in technical terms – insert and remove your penis from her vagina multiple times until you ejaculate.  (Why does is sound so nasty when you say it that way?)

Side note for the ladies: By no means does YAKWII or any other man mean disrespect by thinking that having sex with you will cure our problems or as I previously stated, “Get us right.”  It’s just that our penis’ are the root of our happiness.  If it’s happy, the rest of us is happy.

So we’re not just trying to just have sex with you just to have sex with you (in most cases) – it’s deeper than that.  It’s to keep our minds, bodies and souls balanced and happy and in turn, make the world a better place.  (I actually amaze myself with the sh*t that comes out of my mouth at times…)

So finally, she’s with it and you plan to meet her at her crib at like 10 pm.  You get there, she’s ready for you, BUT you have to do ONE thing before you can get it in.  She goes to the kitchen and gets something to “get her in the mood.”  She wants you to…..

lick a ENTIRE jar of Baconnasie off her feet and the booty!  Not 1/3 of the jar, not half a jar – the WHOLE thing.  Yep, a 14 oz jar of bacon flavored mayonnaise.  yum.  The question is: WOULD YOU DO IT?

Remember, this is the chick that DOES it for you!

See what the f*ck type of sh*t I think about when I make myself stay in on a Friday night??  I’m f*cked up.  Shoulda hit the streets.

Well, in defense of this really weird and gross post, the reason why Baconnaise is even on my mind is because a co-worker thought it would be cool to tell me about this website where you can get a three-pack of this stuff on sale.  I’m straight.

Why this person decided to share this information with me, I don’t know.  However, it threw me off for the rest of the day, so I had to share.  wild.

But to answer my own question….YES!

(But I’m a strange dude, so this isn’t much of a challenge for me.)

For this one chick in particular, a black girl named Becky (Seriously, that was her name (like Common’s old band) and this motherf*cker had me trippin too!  Caught YAKWII slippin for a minute, but I got right back thou.  never that.)  For her, hell yeah I’d put in work on a jar of Baconnasie, but Baconnasie Lite thou!  Gotta watch those calories.

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