WTF is goin on with YAKWII???

(This is the best “WTF” photo on the internets!)

Ok, YAKWII is back on the blog, slangin them words and gettin that post count up.  It’s definitely been a minute since I’ve had any consistency on the blog tip, so I apologize to those who I used to bring daily pleasure and joy to with all that is YAKWII.  Basically what happened is that I temporarily lost the juice.  Just like that…

Boom!  It was gone!

I was kinda disappointed in myself cause between November 17, 2009 and June 14, 2010, I blogged for 210 consecutive days!! I did numbers!  Then it suddenly came to an end.  Sad.

Granted, I should have gotten my Cal Ripken, Jr. on and kept pounding the keyboard, but this is just how I operate.  I’m a pure streak shooter.  Just like Ray Allen in the playoffs….

when I’m hot, I shut sh*t down!  However, when I’m cold… you’d rather watch Big Baby drool all over the court than see me jack up another 3 pointer!  It happens.

But now – I’m back!  Well, sort of….

During my hot streak, I was mostly concerned with getting stuff posted everyday rather than masterminding some of the high-quality, nonsensical fly sh*t that brought me fame, fortune and b*tches!  Mad b*tches!!!

(This is how YAKWII was livin EVERYDAY!)

If you’ve been sippin on that YAKWII for a minute now, you remember when we discovered what’s inside Kanye’s backpack.  You also remember when YAKWII put you on to the hottest gear for the clubs.  True story.

If fashion wasn’t your thing and you were only here to peep the shortys, then you definitely remember when YAKWII introduced you to Miss New Booty – the 1st and 2nd time!

And if you didn’t care about any of that sh*t, then you remember when I told you about Bobcat Goldthwait strokin chicks off with mean backshots.   Yeaahh…. if Bobcat Goldwait is the only thing you remember from this blog, please ONE yourself… immediately!!

Sh*t….see, I’m still not 100% focused.  I totally lost the point that I was trying to make with this post.  F*ck.

Well, basically until I get hot again, I’ll probably post only 2 or 3 times a week.  However, the goal is for YAKWII to get back on that creative sh*t, so there should be more interviews, short stories and other random sh*t coming your way in the near future.  So in the words of the great Max Power:

Strap yourself in and feel the G’s!!!

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2 Responses to “WTF is goin on with YAKWII???”

  1. Syn Lane Says:

    on da rizzy, when i first read that Ms. New Booty shit, I was hook, line and mothafucka sinker! I laughed till it hurted!!! from that day forward, i was hackin all stops to YAKWII !!!! 1 Hunnit

  2. youalreadyknowwhoitis Says:

    Much respect, Syn! I gotta get my mind right, so I can get back to bringin ya’ll stuff like Ms. New Booty and etc. Stay tuned….

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