What happened to Worldwide Wes?

This is my last Bron Bron related post till the next NBA season actually starts – unless something as ridiculous as “The Decision” happens again.

If you were within 100 yards of a TV, computer or a bathroom condom dispenser up until about 1 week before “The Decision,” you read about Worldwide Wes as much as The King himself.  Then all of the sudden, the guy disappears back into the obscurity that he thrived in before.  My question is…

Why is no one talking about Wes now?

Supposedly, Wes was the gatekeeper and behind-the-scenes mastermind who was  going to single handedly orchestrate the biggest free agent freak show in the history of sports.  Supposedly Wes was to be apart of every important Bron Bron meeting. Supposedly, according to Wes, Bron & Bosh were headed to Chicago. Then none of that happened.

Where is Worldwide Wes now?

Personally, this is the kind of story that interests me.  I enjoy learning about the Worldwide Weses, George Koehlers and Frank Matriscianos of the world.  But then again, I’m YAKWII, so obscure, secondary plot lines would be the type of thing to fire me up.

Honestly, based on the fact that I like really obscure sh*t, I think I would be a really good spy.  Or better yet…. a ninja!  Yeah, a ninja.

Well… on second thought, I highly doubt there are many 225 lbs ninjas running and flipping around (cause they’d be out of breath), so I better stick to blogging.  (But I can always dream thou!)

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled program….

Hopefully, Worldwide Wes pops up again real soon.  We (meaning YAKWII) need people like him in this world.  I’m sure he’ll surface soon cause rubbing elbows with the most powerful people in sports is too much fun to just walk away from.  Not like I would know what it feels like to rub the elbow of a powerful person in sports or the elbow of any grown ass man for that matter, but if that’s what floats Wes’ boat, more power to him!

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