Jambox is back in the building

Jambox is back in the building!

He sent me over this story on Wednesday, but I haven’t had a chance to post it up until now.  I’ve been doin sh*t (not really).

As usual, no matter how much I have going on in my life (I have nothing going on in my life), Jambox manages to have more fun on a f*ckin Tuesday than I have in an entire month (more like 3 months)!  Thank God fairness is a man-made concept (that’s how I justify the sh*t that happens to me) because otherwise I’d just be depressed every day (and sob uncontrollably into my pillow every night).

Regardless of how I feel (horny), someone’s gotta have fun in this world and who better the Jambox (me)!  So without further adieu, heeeere’s Jambox!

So it’s a short week for me and hopefully a great one as I will explain.  I just returned to the city (on a tuesday, great start to be sure)

and of course I went to see the sugarmomma because I was hungry. Period.

I’m an animal, when hungry, I eat…

So she took me out with many iffy people who would ruin my fun.  Kinda like play acting but she pays all my drinks and food for real. So I meet a couple UFC fighters who all want to fuck my biddy.

But cool as a cucumber I roll out with the knowledge that I’d be meeting the older sluuuuty biddy at the bar next to my house.

And oh yes, not only did she show up with impeccable timing but with a smile and the wallet out.

But that couldn’t stop the kid.  I decided that I would keep the momma out past her bedtime.  I brought her down the block to the roach infested pad with a mirror behind the bed (huge draw)

and waited and she prepped the cooch for entry.

Meanwhile I ran into roommate no 1.  Not the huge douche but the other douche.  Thankfully, my older lady was a girl scout and when faced with this dilemma pulled up her skirt and said,

Excuse me but this guy has to fuck me now!”

and pulled me into my room.  Possibly the best move I’ve ever seen from a lady and we proceeded to wake the neighbors and the roomies and the hobos on the street.

Then she said:

“I have to go home cause people are looking for me but I have no work tomorrow, wanna fuck?”

To which I nodded like a kid who just finished a double header

and was asked if he’d like some ice cream shaped like reggie jackson’s… bat (thought I’d say cock, didn’t you, sickos!).

So I’m now on vacation – it’s official – trying to plan out how to work my now gimpy self out through a schedule of fucking usually only seen by professionals.

Got my sugarmomma for breakfast AND lunch. At least I’ll be well fed. Got an indian for dinner and my italian who is FOB for second dinner.

Yes, like the hobbits, I like to have multiple meals of the same name.  Not to mention that the soccer player is dying to see me this week and I am purportedly leaving the city thursday afternoon… A development to be tracked by those people who care (nobody).

And so the misadventures of Jamstar (Huh, who’s Jamstar?  See what I mean, this guy has so much f*ckin fun he forgets his OWN NAME!) continue despite turmoil surrounding the name and the humidity that continues to blow over the city.

Please be advised that if not intoxicated from too much of a substance that we all used to eat tirelessly back in the day (yes you best all know it, most of you wish you could be eating it right now!) (Pussy?) none of this language would be possible.

Enjoy Wednesday my dear friends and I sincerely hope you are smiling from ear to ear at some point. I intend to be!


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