Coalmine Records

I’m sure most of you are like me and get a bunch of promotional emails for parties, products and p*ssy in your Inbox everyday, right?  Well, today is no different, but instead of just ignoring it all, I opened a few from Coalmine Records.

Don’t know how I got on their email list, but as a reward for my curiosity, I found a few gems.  Embedded in the first email were some links to tracks by artists I have never heard of, so since we’ve been on this wild streak (NSFW) lately, I clicked a few and listened.  I liked.

First track was “You Ain’t This” by El Grant featuring Bekay and DeeJay Element.  You can listen here. I’m definitely not a music purist (I had the nerve to feature Kylie Minogue on this blog.  Yes, I’m that f*cked up.), but as one who’s rooted in 90’s hip hop, I know solid delivery and a good bassline when I hear one – and this track has both!  Refreshing to the ears.

After hearing this track, I got all excited and opened yet a second email from Coalmine Records!  The next track was:

This one is a Freestyle by Kyle Rapps featuring Donny Goines over Kanye West’s “Drive Slow” beat.  Check it here.  Kyle Rapps brings a gritty and aggressive delivery to the slurpy, horn-laced track.  Donny Goines comfortably glides over the beat with his quick-pace cadence in the middle of the song.  More of a fan of the first track, but nice execution.

Seems like Coalmine Records is doing their thing, so I wanted to show a little support:  Big shout from YAKWII!  Not that that means anything or has any positive effect on their label.  Honestly, that shout out probably just killed some of the credibility Coalmine Records has spent years building from the ground up.  Bummer.

You just never know what your gonna get from YAKWII.  Tearing down dreams one record label at a time.  one.

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