Don’t always think with your dipstick!

Fellas, see shorty above?  That’s Nadja Benaissa.  She’s dope right?  She’s a member of the German girl-band No Angels.  If you had the chance, you’d go balls deep in a heartbeat, right?  Well, check after the jump on why its not always smart to always think with your dipstick!

Nadja Benaissa is HIV positive and knowingly hid this from three men with whom she had unprotected sex!  One of the men was tested and now has HIV.  Now she’s on trial and facing 6 months to 10 years or life in prison if one of infected men dies.  WTF?!?!

Here you’re thinking you’ve bagged a bad ass chick who’s letting you beat raw, but low and below, you’re walking away with the HIV – and she knows she’s got it!!  How do you even deal with that mentally?

I mean, this just goes to prove, no matter how bad the chick…wrap it up fellas!!  Or even better, don’t just think with your dipstick when dealing with the fairer sex.  It could cost you your life!

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via NY Daily News


One Response to “Don’t always think with your dipstick!”

  1. lexington Says:

    true dat homie

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