Three brothers killed over Xbox 360 in Caddo, Louisiana

Marcus Donté Reed believed that three brothers had stolen his Xbox 360. So he’s accused of going to their house with an “assault weapon” and shooting them all dead.

Donté Reed, aged 33, drove to the Caddo, Louisiana home of the three Adams brothers on Monday night and hid in the woods near their home. He is accused of gunning them down in their car when they arrived home. It’s claimed that he believed that the brothers – 20 year-old Jerimiah, 18 year-old Jarquis and 13 year-old Jean – had broken into the home of his girlfriend earlier that day and stolen his Xbox 360, though he did not report the crime and there is no evidence (as of yet) to suggest the three were involved.

Donté Reed has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder. via

Ok, after seeing this I’m convinced that the world is about to end very, very soon.  I give it about 3 years before the Earth starts imploding and parts just start floating out into outer space.  THREE BROTHERS KILLED OVER AN XBOX!!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!

If you’re this clown’s public defender, how do you work this case?  Honestly, how do you build a case for this guy??  You can’t even plead insanity on this one because this is way past insane – this is some extra extra other other stuff!! Lord Save Us!


3 Responses to “Three brothers killed over Xbox 360 in Caddo, Louisiana”

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  2. people are stupid

  3. adams family Says:

    this buster changes my life in a blink of an eye

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