Mz Sexy Mya

Mz Sexy Mya.  Like the rest of the shorty’s who have blessed the pages of YAKWII, Mz Sexy Mya is dope!  However, she’s got something extra to her that does it for YAKWII.

Even though she’s fly as hell, she’s got this look like you could catch her at the grocery store in the fruits and vegetables section buying some bananas, oranges and salad mix on some healthy sh*t.  I don’t know why I think that, but I do.  But don’t get it twisted and think that YAKWII actually buys his own groceries cause YAKWII doesn’t!  YAKWII has peoples who have peoples who do that.  Perks of having the illest blog on the internets.  What you know about it?

More pics after the jump.

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One Response to “Mz Sexy Mya”

  1. Loven your pictures your truely one of Gods best creation.

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