Tapas 255 Lounge in Atlanta

YAKWII finally gettin money (hopefully)!

My peoples out in Atlanta picked up a freelance gig with Examiner.com writing about drinkin and eating.  Must be nice.  The deal is that if YAKWII can generate traffic for his posts, YAKWII will get hit off with some tax-free straight cash!

SO…all you have to do just CLICK HERE to get the post count up.

If you actually read the post = Mo’ money!

If you leave a comment = Mo’ money!

If you subscribe to the post = Mo’ money!

When YAKWII gets money, we all get paid!

That’s definitely not true, but money makes YAKWII happy and a happy YAKWII will lead to more gems like the Happy Birthday post (NSFW).  And according to the blog numbers, a LOT of people like the Happy Birthday post, so let’s get this money!

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