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The Faster Blade

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Raekwon – The Faster Blade

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Backbone – 5 Duce- 4 Tre

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Classic Atlanta.

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YAKWII on Tumblr

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In case you don’t already get enough YAKWII, we on Tumblr too.

kiss the ground

Posted in totally random on September 27, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Thank GOD I finally have both feet back on the ground!  The last few weekends have included a couple of flights up north, whippin rental cars thru the city and countryside, getting sick AGAIN and very little sleep!  YAKWII can’t hang like he used to!

It was good to see my peoples and take care of what I had to take care of, but I’m glad that I have no more travel plans for the rest of year!  Time to get focused.

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YAKWII Diet Plan

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Master P – Mr. Ice Cream Man

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No Limit Records.  Master P was so hot in the 90’s that he even signed Ricky Williams, the 5th pick in the 1999 NFL draft, to a contract.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work out too well for ol’ Ricky.

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Justin Bieber is creepy

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Aiight folks.  I don’t know anything about this Justin Bieber kid other than Raekwon just laid down some vocals for one of his tracks.  (Get that money, Chef!)

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