Justin Bieber is creepy

Aiight folks.  I don’t know anything about this Justin Bieber kid other than Raekwon just laid down some vocals for one of his tracks.  (Get that money, Chef!)

However, unless you’re living in Rison, Arkansas, you’ve seen this kid all over TV, magazines, internets, etc.  I’m all about pumping the system to get that dollar, but I do draw the line somewhere.

Where I draw the line is that creepy image above!!  Here I was, trying to get my Lauren London fix from the Pharrell – That Girl video on YouTube and the whole time I have this 12 year old kid staring at me!!  WTF?!?  Seriously, this is just creepy!

Like I said, I’m all about marketing the hell out of your product, yourself or whatever else you’re selling, but let’s turn it down a notch.  This is just too much for YAKWII!

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One Response to “Justin Bieber is creepy”

  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

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