Lovely in Little 5 Points

While on my Tumblr kick, I came across this gorgeous photo.  I think it’s Khrysti Hill.

If you’re new to the YAKWII movement, Ms. Hill has been featured a few times here (see links after the jump) and we’re always on our sh*t, so we’re gonna say it’s her.  Honestly, this is to dopest pic we’ve ever seen of her!!

Mind you, Khrysti is world renowned for the assets bestowed upon her by her mother and the good God above, but the simplicity of this photo captures her true beauty.  (Yes, I’m gushing like a grown a$$ man groupie, but this photo really moved me like that.)

So, with all of that said, Happy Sunday.

Khrysti Hill post #1

(Be sure to scroll all the way down, there’s a nice surprise!)

Khrysti Hill post #2

Khrysti Hill post #3

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