Lanea Edwards

Nowadays, it’s difficult to take notice of or differentiate between the assortment of buxom (I’ve always wanted to use the word “buxom” on here) models who are featured in the sexual explosions that we dub music videos.  Honestly, the only reason one may stand out from the rest is because something about her is just anatomically incorrect.

Case in point, remember when Buffie the Body made her debut in Tony Yayo’s  “So Seductive” video?  If you do, the only reason is because her backside took up half the screen.  You were like, “WTF…you see that thing?”  This is what the f*ck I’m talkin about.

However, one video that “breaks the mold” for me is “Fever” by Tabi Bonney ft. Raheem DeVaughn.  I originally featured the video on YAKWII back in Feb, but I revisited it recently.  (I like to look at my old sh*t from time to time – reminds me how nice I am!)

The video is dope and all of the models are sick, but two of them give me a warm and tingly feeling inside.  One is Alexis Hayes, who graced the pages of YAKWII back in 2009, and the other is Lanea Edwards, who you see above relaxing in the pool.

This woman moves me.  She’s so dope!  Trust me, watch the video.

Honestly, I’m gonna just shut the f*ck up and enjoy this wonderful moment in YAKWII blogging history.

More pics of this beautiful woman below.


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