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Bodyhammers by Robert Longo

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Bodyhammers by Robert Longo.  Peeped these photos over on Kanye West’s new blog.  Rawness.

More photos after the jump.

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Sky High

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Photo by Karen Shacham.

Sakiko & Dora by Yone

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Sakiko & Dora.  These shortys are dope!  These photos are courtesy of photographer Yasumasa Yonehara aka Yone.  I found these on his website CexWork.  Half the site is in Japanese but I somehow manged to find my way around.  Bananas.  Dude does good work.

Check more shots of Sakiko & Dora after the jump.

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Tom Hines – Asbury Park: Spiral Story

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Tom Hines Photography.  I came across the work of Tom Hines the other day when I was just cruising around and looking at some fashion photography.  What first caught my eye were the old buildings in many of the shots, which were taken in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Like I’ve said before, I’m kind of a nerd so I appreciate the way old buildings were constructed and how nature has slowly made its mark on them over time.

I also love the how they styled the model and positioned her in each shot.  This is just an all around great set of photos.  Quality stuff here people!

Check the rest of the shots after the jump.

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Jamil GS

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Jamil_GS_JFK Jr. & Colin Powell.jpg

Jamil GS is a Danish-American photographer and filmmaker who produces some very dope work!  Perfect example is the photo above of JFK, Jr. and Colin Powell.  When you take a look at his photos, I’m sure you’ll recognize a lot of his work.  After looking at his shots, I’m inspired to get my camera game up!

You can check a few of my favorite shots after the jump.  Be sure to visit his blog Jamil GS or the site 12oz Prophet for more of his work.

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Holiday Inn Key Card Hotel Room

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This is pretty dope.  How do you get a job like this?  I wish someone would hire me off the strength of my blog!


Terry Rodgers

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Back on my art sh*t.  Below are works by Terry Rodgers.  Dude’s sh*t is crazy!  Mr. Rodgers has a very imaginative mind and an obvious liking of the young, nubile body.  Since I’m tying to keep this blog halfway smut-free (notice I only said halfway), here’s a PG preview of dude’s work.

Copy of Continental Drift

Copy of This Is Our Youth

Copy of Shades of Olympus(Yes, that is Paris Hilton in the left corner.)

So now that you’ve got your little preview on, I know you want more.  Check under the fold to see his paintings of butt-a$$ naked people.  (The people want smut, I’ll give’em smut!!!  YAKWII can provide that.)

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