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Posted in clothing, Fly Sh*t, real talk, the 90's with tags on October 3, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

For those of you who have been riding shotgun with YAKWII since we pulled out the parking lot, the photo above should have some meaning.

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Boat Shoe Season

Posted in clothing, Fly Sh*t with tags on May 12, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Spring is here and it’s time to break out the boat shoes.  I actually rock mines year round – no socks.  But for those who are more seasonally inclined, now is the time to get up on a pair.

I’ve had a pair of two-tone brown Polo joints for at least 6 years now.  Yeah, they’re pretty broken-in and I’ll let you imagine how great they smell.  I’ve worked hard to get them to this point, so I don’t give a sh*t!  Real comfortable.  Def a good look.  Get up on’em!

Mad flavors after the jump.

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ZUBAZ are back!

Posted in clothing, Fly Sh*t, real talk, the 80's, the 90's, Wildin with tags on April 11, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Oh sh*t!  Remember ZUBAZ pants?  Well, they’re back!  Talk about a party in your pants!

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Nike Air Max LeBron VII NFW “Heroes” Pack: Michael Jordan

Posted in athlétisme, clothing, Fly Sh*t with tags , , , on April 3, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Yo.  Gotta admit that I’ve been slackin on my internet surfin game lately.  I’m just now seeing these Nike Air Max LeBron VII NFW “Heroes” Pack Michael Jordan on  These are dope!

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I think these are the best looking Lebron’s to come out in a while and this colorway just took it up a notch.

More pics after the jump.

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Tod’s For Ferrari Driving Loafers

Posted in clothing, Fly Sh*t, whip game with tags on March 16, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

You would definitely catch me stunttin in a pair of these Tod’s for Ferrari Driving Loafers!  I’d rock these red ones too, with no socks and ashy ankles.   Killin’em!

Unfortunately, the irony in all of this is that now with my current car situation, I’m not even driving – I’m walking and making use of the public transportation system.  Sheesh…I haven’t had to troop it since like 15 yrs old!

I’m in my late 20’s and I’m at the point where I can’t even perpetrate in some clean loafers while drivin my dusty, old ass whip.  Sh*t is wild!  Well, it’s nothin thou.  YAKWII will be right back!

More pics of the shoes that probably cost more than my car repairs after the jump.

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American Apparel Best Bottom Contest

Posted in clothing, Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women, The Jambox Scribe, Wildin with tags , , , , , on February 2, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

It’s so good to have another set of eyes and ears looking out for all the good sh*t in the world.  Jambox hit me up today and let me know that American Apparel is hosting The Search for the Best Bottom in the World Contest.  To quote Jambox directly:

“I think this is the best thing I have seen all week.  I think YAKWII should have the same contest soon.  These people are geniuses!!!”

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Nike Air Foamposite One “Dirty Copper”

Posted in clothing, Fly Sh*t with tags , , , on January 31, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Here is the Nike Air Foamposite One “Dirty Copper.” These sh*ts are bananas!!! They’re scheduled to drop on Feb. 13th and sell for $200.

More pics after the jump.

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