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Lovely in Little 5 Points

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While on my Tumblr kick, I came across this gorgeous photo.  I think it’s Khrysti Hill.

If you’re new to the YAKWII movement, Ms. Hill has been featured a few times here (see links after the jump) and we’re always on our sh*t, so we’re gonna say it’s her.  Honestly, this is to dopest pic we’ve ever seen of her!!

Mind you, Khrysti is world renowned for the assets bestowed upon her by her mother and the good God above, but the simplicity of this photo captures her true beauty.  (Yes, I’m gushing like a grown a$$ man groupie, but this photo really moved me like that.)

So, with all of that said, Happy Sunday.

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Posted in architecture, places with tags , , on January 6, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

The NY Times is such a great publication.  Great reporting on current events and excellent features.  I found these photos of a private home in Brasília, Brazil in the Great Homes and Destinations section.

I think I’ve found where I am going to retire in about 30 years.

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ContestaRockHair – NYC

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ContestaRockHair – NYC opens on Monday, December 14th.

Grand Opening Party: Wednesday, December 16th starting @ 7pm.

535 Hudson Street & Charles Street, West Village, NYC

Come on over!

What’s goin on people.  The Jambox Scribe is back and he’s brought us some exclusive sh*t straight from NYC!  If you checked the video above, you’ll see that ContestaRockHair is about to open up shop in New York City and Jambox was able to get us the inside scoop.

You see…YAKWII f*ckin delivers!   We bring you sh*t that no one else provides.  Check after the jump for Jambox’s preview on the ContestaRockHair experience, as well as a little gibberish from myself.

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Gas Station turned Crib

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Yo.  Found these pics and article in the NY Times of a old gas station in Berlin, Germany that was converted into a crib.  Very creative!  That’s an idea that would have never crossed my mind.  I came out pretty dope too.  I really like the way the owner kept parts of the old station in tact and added modern pieces to give it a unique personality.

More pics after the jump.

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Jamil GS

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Jamil_GS_JFK Jr. & Colin Powell.jpg

Jamil GS is a Danish-American photographer and filmmaker who produces some very dope work!  Perfect example is the photo above of JFK, Jr. and Colin Powell.  When you take a look at his photos, I’m sure you’ll recognize a lot of his work.  After looking at his shots, I’m inspired to get my camera game up!

You can check a few of my favorite shots after the jump.  Be sure to visit his blog Jamil GS or the site 12oz Prophet for more of his work.

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Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World

What can I say, I like some of Kylie Minogue’s music.

I gots other sh*t to say too.  Back on my YAKWII sh*t again.

Check it after the jump.

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8ball & MJG

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8Ball & MJG – Space Age Pimpin

8Ball & MJG are 2 of hip hop’s hardest goin and longest tenured titans.  These dudes have been gettin it in for years!  Brings me back to summer of ’95 when I first got put on to these dudes by my cousins out in Bama.   I brought “On Top of the World” back up north with me and put my crew on to these dudes.  Been a good look ever since.

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