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This some pimp sh*t.

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Jimi Hendrix chillin with his shirt off, with his fingers all up in the hair of two chicks with their shirts off and got his two boys posted up on the side like it’s nothin, like he does this everyday.  This some pimp sh*t.

Titties after the jump.

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Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

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Flashback to the days in the Watchtower.  Fond memories.  Jambox knows what I’m talking about.

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The Beatles – Get Back

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Since we’re already talking about London, this is the perfect segue to the latest Jambox music special.

In 1969, the Beatles were having a hard time internally, resulting in George Harrison walking out on the band.  After a little time, they let their emotions settle down, went out on their roof and played a gig starting with the song “Get Back”.  Much like the final scene in Across the Universe, the performance brought the city around them, London, to a standstill.  Here is a video with some scenes from that performance. Enjoy…

The Band

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Another Jambox music special.

The Band is one of the best things to come out of the sixties. They used to be Bob Dylan’s back up band and did a lot of their own stuff. They were bad ass led by a man by the name of Robbie Robertson. Cool name.  People have probably heard some of their classics such as “Up On Cripple Creek” and “The Weight“.  But here are a couple Jambox selections that you may not have heard on the radio.  Enjoy…

The Band – Jawbone

Another classic by The Band after the jump.

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Sam & Dave – Hold On, I’m Coming

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Sam & Dave – Hold On, I’m Coming

Figured I’d continue along with the 1960’s music theme me and Jambox got going.  Here’s an amazing live performance by Sam & Dave back in the 60’s.  I wasn’t on the scene yet back then, but I can surely appreciate this kind of performance.  This is what I want to see when I spend money to watch a live show!  Not an artist on stage with 30-40 of his closest friends, family and groupies.  This is real showmanship!

The Blues Project – Wake me, Shake me

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Another Jambox music special…

I got another not so mainstream selection of music for the YAKWII viewers.  YAKWII and I had some good times in a place we dubbed the Watchtower.  We learned about each other’s taste in music, sex, drugs, food and everything in between. The Blues Project is just a sample from those days similar to the Chambers Brothers. Over the next few weeks I hope to drop some of our more memorable listening experiences on you.  With the help of YAKWII, hopefully, we can provide that Watchtower experience once again…

This is a band from Greenwich Village in New York City.  Have to represent for these versatile white boys who could sing the blues, run some psychedelic rock and were one of the first jam bands.  This is an example of what NYC in the 60’s produced. If you liked Spirit you should enjoy this selection.  For those who don’t know, listen up and learn.  This is grass roots music history people.  Enjoy…

The Blues Project – Wake me, Shake me

Spirit – I Got A Line On You

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A Jambox music special

To begin I love the Allman Brothers post.  I’m generally am a big fan of the YAKWII music preferences but lately I’ve been crazy to see the next artist.  The Chambers Brothers was an amazing choice, it brought me back a bit.  Those guys could rock.  So I wanted to bring a little music sampling to you all from the mind of Jambox. I think this will complement the YAKWII trend as of late and it always gets me moving.  Enjoy…

Spirit – I Got A Line On You

More after the jump.

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