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Don’t get it twisted!

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Don’t even bother thinkin “Oh, how nice of her to let Webster dance with her!”  I guarantee homie stroked her off that night!  Guarantee it!  You’re probably thinkin “Oh, but she’s so hot and he’s so….short.  There’s no way she’d like him.”

But that’s where you’re WRONG!!  Sh*t like this happens all the time.  People you don’t think are smashin are most definitely smashin!  Add a little alcohol to the situation and anything is a go!  Don’t get it twisted!


Terry Rodgers

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Back on my art sh*t.  Below are works by Terry Rodgers.  Dude’s sh*t is crazy!  Mr. Rodgers has a very imaginative mind and an obvious liking of the young, nubile body.  Since I’m tying to keep this blog halfway smut-free (notice I only said halfway), here’s a PG preview of dude’s work.

Copy of Continental Drift

Copy of This Is Our Youth

Copy of Shades of Olympus(Yes, that is Paris Hilton in the left corner.)

So now that you’ve got your little preview on, I know you want more.  Check under the fold to see his paintings of butt-a$$ naked people.  (The people want smut, I’ll give’em smut!!!  YAKWII can provide that.)

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Banned ads

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Here are some ads that, for some reason or another, were banned from display.  Some of these aren’t that bad in my opinion, but you be the judge.


ikea_condomsmore after the jump….

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Sexy Brew

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Yo.  I found a few online reviews for this limited edition beer and I’m so mad that because of it’s limited run, I won’t get a chance to taste it!


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This  is dope!  A self-service bar!  MiNiBAR is a new concept bar in Amsterdam where you check in with a concierge and are supplied with a key to one of their 45 fridges full of wine, beer, liquor, and snacks.  They even have a delivery menu if you want to order-in.  I’m all about efficiency, so I like this idea.  I approve.


More pics after the jump….

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Billy Gates is my B*tch!!!!

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Yo.  I’m on a budget.  I f*ckin hate being on a f*ckin budget!  Excuse my coarse language, but that’s just how I’m feelin right now!  I mean, I’ve always been on a budget (just like 99% of the people in this world), so it’s not like this is some new concept to me or anything.  It’s just that my circumstances are a bit different these days.  Let me explain….

As many of you know, I was one of the 12.5 million people who were unemployed a few months ago.  Hey, sh*t happens.  Honestly, I wasn’t bitter, angry, confused or any of that type of stuff when I got laid off.  This stuff happens.  I’m just lucky enough that I only have me to take care of and not Mrs. YAKWII with 2 or 3 little YAKWII’s running around the crib.  That would be crazy!


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New Office Hours…

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Yo.  As many of you know, my schedule has recently changed so, I am no longer able to keep my previous Midnight to 5 am YAKWII office hours.  Bummer!

Many of you have already mentioned that you will miss my multiple weekly postings and I really appreciate that.  I already missing writing them!  However, thou I won’t be able to crank out 2 to 3 posts a week, my plan is to do at least one solid post a week.  I have some ideas in mind so, tune back in sometime during the weekend or early next week for my next post.

Here are some visuals to check out until I get back with you all:


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