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Party Favors

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Another original by the Jambox Scribe….

I heard something very interesting today. Has anyone ever been to a dinner party where all the guests got party favors on their way out?

(FYI…Images after jump NSFW)

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Siskel and Ebert

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Ok.  If you read this blog with any type of regularity, or even irregularity, you’ll quickly realize that lots of different types of sh*t peeks my interest.  However, oddly enough, movies are NOT one of those things that “do it for me.”

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The side eye…

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Since the Celtics are out….


Big Papi is just now slowly starting to break out of his slump…..

David Ortiz 3

And I could give a sh*t about hockey, it’s time to refocus on the PATS!!!!!

This is one of the funniest sports clips ever (if you find sh*t like this funny)!  Reporter Andrea Kramer stops just short of asking Boy Wonder, Tom Brady, if he wants to make sexy time right there on the field and have Randy Moss work the camera.  Watch Brady give the camera a little side eye action after she turns to speak to Moss.  He’s like “This b*tch is crazy!”