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WTF is goin on with YAKWII???

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(This is the best “WTF” photo on the internets!)

Ok, YAKWII is back on the blog, slangin them words and gettin that post count up.  It’s definitely been a minute since I’ve had any consistency on the blog tip, so I apologize to those who I used to bring daily pleasure and joy to with all that is YAKWII.  Basically what happened is that I temporarily lost the juice.  Just like that…

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The C’s are G’d up!

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Paul Pierce is about to bring it to Kobe!

You already know what the business is.

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Rondo forces J. Will into retirement

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Rajon Rondo made Jason Williams look like he was playing on a high school JV team with this play on Saturday night.  This has to be a all-time NBA playoff top 10 play.  Beantown stand up!


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Starbury is my idol.  Not Stephon Marbury, but STARBURY!!!  Starbury does what he wants, whenever he wants and how he wants!  Starbury is the reality of the unconscious mind.  Starbury gets it in anyway he deems fit.   Starbury is that dude.

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