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The Brand New Heavies

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Remember The Brand New Heavies??  I’ve always thought this was a great band and for some reaon they just popped into my head.  (Probably because they’re from London and I just finished with my other post about the New Balances made in England…just a guess thou.)  Here are a few videos from them.

Dream on Dreamer

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Sup.  I just saw this new colorway of the New Balance 1300 and I think these are dope!


I’m heated though cause the 1300 model is only made in England, so I’d have to pay a hefty price to get them shipped over here.  These are also sold out in Germany, but that really doesn’t help me much either does it?  Wouldn’t it be a b*tch if I ponied up the dough to have them shipped over here only to find out that they didn’t fit right cause I f*cked up the European shoe size conversion?!?!  Whenever I get a chance to make it over to Europe again, I’m definitely stockin up on these cause New Balance is right up there next to Nike for my favorie sneaker brand.

Check some other hot colorways of the 1300…

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