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Shawn Kemp = Rawness

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Check these three Shawn Kemp dunks all from the same game.  He absolutely Elroy’s Zo Mourning on two of them!  Definitely one of the all-time sickest athletes!

More NBA Jam-like Reignman dunks after the jump.

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Rondo forces J. Will into retirement

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Rajon Rondo made Jason Williams look like he was playing on a high school JV team with this play on Saturday night.  This has to be a all-time NBA playoff top 10 play.  Beantown stand up!


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Remember RUN TMC from the early 1990’s?  Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin from the Golden State Warriors.  These dudes could run!  It was a sad day when they broke these guys up.

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Captain Jack

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“Even I wouldn’t bring a gun to the arena,”

After my main man Starbury, Stephen “Captain Jack” Jackson is my 2nd favorite NBA ball player.  This dude doesn’t give a sh*t and lives life exactly how he wants, both on and off the court!

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Gheorghe Muresan

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YAKWII stay bringin that heat!  Gheorghe Muresan, kid!  Who else follows up model chicks showin love on the blog with Gheorghe Muresan?  No one!  Can’t even see me right now!

Like most of my other ideas, I thought about big homie Muresan when I was in the bathroom.  That place is magical for me.  But I digress….

This Snickers commercial is HILARIOUS!  Dude is really funny.  I forgot that he also did some SportsCenter commercials too.  They are just as funny, if not more so.  Check them after the jump.

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Nike Air Max LeBron VII Black/Black

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Yo.  I like this Black on Black colorway for the LeBron VII’s.  Personally, I think this is the best looking colorway for the Nike LeBron line since the Fruity Pebble and the Gold and Red All-Star LeBron 4’s.  The Gold accents are a very nice touch.

Check after the jump for more pics, as well as pics of the aforementioned Lebron 4’s.

(Gettin my big word thing on today!)

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Mike Jordan

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jordan hof(Photo credit: AP)

Did anyone else think Mike Jordan’s Hall of Fame induction speech was extremely weird, awkward, kinda petty and unbecoming of the HOF speech from greatest basketball player of all-time?  I had no clue what the guy was talking about!  It seemed like he was using the time to throw anyone who ever irked him under the bus.  Why bringing up old sh*t?  Byron Russell?  Jeff Van Gundy? There is ZERO reason why these dudes should have been mentioned anyone’s HOF speech, let alone Mike Jordan’s!  The kicker to me was when he said to his kids, “I wouldn’t want to be you guys.”  What?  WTF?  No clue where he was going with that one.  That was just strange.

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