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No wonder we think about sex every 7 seconds…

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Sunday morning at the Pump House!

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Sup people.  This morning I woke up and decided to make my way over to the Pump House (gym) and get it in during the early part of my day, rather than my usual Sunday afternoon workout time.  Huge mistake!  There was all kinds of weird sh*t going on in there this morning!  After this morning’s experience, I goin back to my Sunday afternoon workouts.

Check after the jump for my Sunday morning Pump House story.

(Yes, I do wear a torso-less and sleeveless unitard, similar to the one pictured above, to the Pump House.)

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Southern Living

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Beer and Fried Okra.  Southern living at its finest.

Gheorghe Muresan

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YAKWII stay bringin that heat!  Gheorghe Muresan, kid!  Who else follows up model chicks showin love on the blog with Gheorghe Muresan?  No one!  Can’t even see me right now!

Like most of my other ideas, I thought about big homie Muresan when I was in the bathroom.  That place is magical for me.  But I digress….

This Snickers commercial is HILARIOUS!  Dude is really funny.  I forgot that he also did some SportsCenter commercials too.  They are just as funny, if not more so.  Check them after the jump.

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Ed Hochuli

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It’s amazing how anyone in the NFL outside of players, coaches or the commissioner has managed to achieve rock star status.  However, we’re not talking about any random person here!  We’re talking about Ed “I’m jacked out of my motherf*ckin mind” Hochuli!  Seriously, just Google the guy and all kinds of sh*t pops up.  It’s crazy!

A few years ago, when I first learned of the tour de force that is Ed Hochuli, I stumbled across  This site is pure genius!  On there, they list 50 True Facts About Ed Hochuli.  They are flippin hilarious!

However, as a warning, if you’re not familiar with Ed Hochuli or other random bits of pointless f*ckery, they probably won’t be as funny for you as they were for me.  Regardless, I’ve harnessed the power of Copy and Paste and brought the 50 True Facts About Ed Hochuli here to YAKWII and added my own special touch to them.  Enjoy.

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Breakfast Lean Pockets Are The Best!

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I discovered Breakfast Lean Pockets this week and they are the BEST!

I just wanted to share that with you.

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Marv Albert vs Curtis Jackson???

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Aiight, when my brother told me this story, I thought he way lying:  Marv Albert got into a confrontation with 50 Cent‘s entourage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show!!! This is by far one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever heard.

Granted, I didn’t know Marv was in the streets like that, but obviously Curtis’ crew had some inside info.  As you can see, Marv is no stranger to the bing, so I don’t blame those guys for not taking ANY chances – even backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show!  Gotta make sure Curtis doesn’t get hit with that 10th bullet or otherwise them dudes ain’t eatin no more!

Check after the jump for the full story.

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