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More Montana Deleon

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women with tags , , , , , , , , , on February 26, 2010 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Yo.  Again the people have spoken and again YAKWII delivers.  On Thanksgiving Day 2009, I put up some Montana Deleon pics and based on my blog traffic since then, people like them….a lot!  It’s my most visited post over the last quarter.  It has almost double the amount of traffic as the 2nd highest post, Catya Washington aka Ms. Cat, over the same period.  And nothing against Ms. Cat, but her post was put up a month prior to Montana too.  Bananas.

So since the people like Montana, I got more Montana for you!  Check after the jump for more pics of Ms. Montana Deleon.  It’s the good stuff too, so they’re Not Safe For Work (NSFW)!  Still can’t believe this chick has FIVE kids!  Crazy.

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Kerry Washington

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women with tags , , on December 27, 2009 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

So I’ve gotten some unsolicited feedback from a few of my friends lately on my choice of blog topics.  If you hear them tell it, you’d think this has become a porn blog!  Yes it is true, YAKWII has decided to profile more women who have made the adult decision to display their bodies in various states of undress.

Again, like I told my friends, where am I at fault here?  The people want to see skin, so I’m gonna show them skin!  However, since I am a caring and compassionate person, I will fall back on the skin show for this post, but don’t get used to it!

Kerry Washington is an absolutely stunning actress!  Stunning!  I don’t watch many movies, but I do make it a point to check for Ms. Washington’s flicks.  I think so highly of Ms. Washington that I’m gonna break from tradition here and instead of inviting her to the YAKWII spot, I’ll gladly pack up my sh*t and head to her crib!  Sh*t, I’ll shut down the whole blog if need be!  That’s my word!

More pics after the jump.

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Brooke Valentine

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women with tags , , , on December 14, 2009 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

What happened to Brooke Valentine?  Now, to be honest with you, all I remember about this shorty music-wise is that she did some song with Big Boi from OutKast.

However, I do remember her King Magazine photo shoot as clear as day.  That’s one of the pics above.   I think shorty is real cute.  Tight lil body.  I don’t know what she’s up to nowadays, but if she’s got some free time, she’s more than welcome to fall thru the YAKWII spot.

More pics after the jump.

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Rosie Perez

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women with tags , on December 4, 2009 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Ms. Rosie Perez.  I don’t know where Rosie has been, but we definitely need to see more of her!  She’s still doin her thing!

All I gotta say is: Do The Right Thing “Ice Cube Scene.” I was moved.

Rosie, you have a special place in my heart and you are most definitely welcome to fall thru the YAKWII spot!  Get at me!

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Willonn Bennett

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women with tags , , , , on November 28, 2009 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Willonn Bennett.  Another sexy beauty!  And guess what…. she’s welcome at the YAKWII spot anytime too!

How come ain’t none of these chicks come thru the spot yet?

You tryin to tell me that they don’t they know who the f*ck I am!

Well, seeing that since not one of them have come thru the spot yet, I guess they don’t know the f*ck who I am.  Guess my internet celebrity isn’t as big as I thought it was.  Hmmm…need a Plan B.

This is slightly embarrassing…

More pics after the jump.

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Montana Deleon

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women with tags , , , , , , , on November 26, 2009 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

By request from Syn, I present The Great State of Montana Deleon.  Shorty is bad!  Crazy thing is that I read somewhere that she had four kids!  That just may be a rumor on the internets, but even if it is true, she’s still welcome at the YAKWII spot.

(Just be sure to drop them lil rugrats off at your auntie’s house before you come thru thou!)

Of course, we got more pics after the jump!  However, be warned that these pics are NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW)!!  As many of you know, I try to keep the full blow smut to a minimum, but I made an exception in this case.  Enjoy!

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Carmen from

Posted in Fly Sh*t, shortys / models / women, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on November 18, 2009 by youalreadyknowwhoitis

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say.  Carmen from is just dumb retarded sexy!  Titties for days!  Of course, there’s room for her at the YAKWII spot too!

More pics and tits after the jump.

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